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Important Fall 2020 Schedule Information

Fall 2020 Schedule

Types of Classes

As you review your fall schedule, you may come across modes of instruction that are unfamiliar or new to you. We want to make sure students, faculty and staff understand how UB defines the common terms and phrases used to describe various modes of academic delivery. “Instruction Mode” refers to the manner in which typical classroom activities involving instructors and students are provided, such as lectures, discussions and group engagement. Instruction Mode does not refer to out-of-class requirements such as homework, reading, studying, writing assignments, take-home examinations or similar.

A note on remote coursework: Students should understand that any course with a remote component contains the same academic learning outcomes and access to distinguished faculty as is customary for an in-person class. At UB, this means that students may use the UB Learns powered by Blackboard platform to view their course syllabus, submit assignments, and engage with faculty and classmates. Faculty may choose to use other platforms to provide additional academic participation.

Common Terms

Instruction Modes

Locating an instruction mode on the schedule

It is important for students to understand how courses will be delivered. You can find the specific instruction mode within the Class Details portion of the Class Information section. For more information on how to locate the instruction mode, review the HUB Student Center Training Guide.

Important Information

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